PopUp Scam Finder

PopUp Scam Finder

You can use the PopUp Scam Finder to easily find some PopUp Scams!

When you click the button below, almost 100 tabs are opened with common mispellings of popular websites.

Make sure you only click the button if you are in a Virtual Machiene, and are using a VPN, as many of the sites are malicious.

Domain List
VPN (Virtual Private Network)

While scambaiting, you should use a VPN.

Most malicous sites have IP grabbers, so if you aren't using a VPN, your location could be leaked.

Windscribe is a FREE VPN (they have paid plans), and you can join for free using my affiliate link!

VM (Virtual Machiene)

While scambaiting, you should use a VM.

It protects your main computer from viruses and malware, all without risking damaging your main PC!

You can click the link below to watch a great guide that I found on setting up a VM for scambaiting!